What to Expect at the Six Week Check

Season #2

What to Expect at the Six Week Check When Pregnant

Postpartum can be very overwhelming. Those first six weeks with a newborn can feel like an absolute whirlwind. Your mind and body are still adjusting and there are hormones racing through you like crazy. Plus, you’re tired. Really tired.

And then it’s time for your six week check.

To help you go in with some insight, I interviewed OBYGN Dr Suzana Kotevska on what to expect at the six week check.

Below are the topics we covered, but listen to the full episode for in depth discussions and what you need to know.

Discussing the birth

Discussing the birth is a big thing, and can be quite emotional for some women. But it’s an important part of you helping to assess their postpartum recovery.

Mental Health

Mental Health is a big topic, especially postpartum. You mentioned this is compulsory for the health care professional to ask. Are there set questions you need to cover?

Wounds Checking

C-section wounds and perineum tears and episiotomy wounds

Diastasis Recti Discussion on what’s normal and what’s not. Often doctors will not actually check Diastasis unless they are trained and experienced in this. It is often best to book in with a Women’s Health Physiotherapist.

Contraception and plans for future pregnancies At 6 weeks post-birth many women aren’t thinking about giving birth again so soon, but it’s an important topic to talk about

Cervical Screening Test if she is due for one. Questions the woman is to ask.

Not every Doctor goes through in detail like you do, as you’re an OBYGN and often women go to their GP for their six week check. What are some questions you would encourage women to ask their Doctor at the six week check?