Prenatal Yoga Classes

The yoga class you join MUST be taught by a qualified and experienced prenatal yoga instructor.



My prenatal yoga classes will help you improve your stamina, strength, balance, relieve lower back pain, and provide you with breathing techniques for labor. One of the greatest benefits is that yoga helps you breathe and relax. When you calm both mind and body, you will be able to relieve some physical and emotional stress.

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There is so much information out there I found it hard to know what was going to best for me and my baby. That is why I love PregActive. It has been such a positive space throughout each stage of my pregnancy and with so many options from workouts, to yoga, to breathing techniques; there was always something available to complement how I was feeling. I feel so much more confident going into the birth!” Marie-Louise


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Recommended by OB.GYN's, Physiotherapists, PT's and Physical Therapists. My prenatal yoga workouts are realistic, challenging, and have delivered results for women just like you! Safe. At-home classes.



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Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

1. Develops stamina and strength.

2. May help to improve balance.

3. Relieves lower back pain.

4. Calms the nervous system.

5. Mentally prepare for childbirth.

6. Workout with other pregnant women.

7. Increases circulation.

8. Breathing techniques for childbirth.

9. Increases nutrient supply.

10. Improve your mobility.

Guidelines for Pregnancy Yoga

1. Ultimately, it's about listening to your body.

2. If it doesn't feel right, then don't push it.

3. At anytime if you feel any discomfort, stop.

4. If at anytime you feel pain, stop.

5. Tell your instructor your week of pregnancy.

6. Try and avoid non-prenatal yoga classes.

7. Avoid poses on your back late in pregnancy.

8. Wear appropriate workout gear.

9. Use an approved non-toxic yoga mat.

10. Know which poses you must now avoid.

Why Prenatal Yoga is for You

There are many benefits for practicing yoga as you progress through each week. Stretching and strengthening your muscles the right way can help you prepare for childbirth and assist you with a speedier postpartum recovery.


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