When I Lose Weight, Where Does the Fat Go?

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When I Lose Weight, Where Does Fat Go?

Have you ever asked your personal trainer, weight loss specialist or instructor the following question: 'When we lose weight where does the fat go?'

I think you will be shocked to find that most people in the health and fitness industry do not know the answer to that question. But it is interesting to know so you're about to find out.

When We Lose Weight Where Does the Fat Go?

I can tell you the most common misconception was the belief that fat is just converted to energy.

Some people think that fat turns into muscle. Oh, that would be great if it did; but unfortunately that does not happen.

So Where Does the Fat Go when We Lose Weight?

We know it isn't converted into energy or muscle.

According to a study published in the British Medical Journal we mostly exhale it.

Yes, when you lose weight, 84 per cent of the fat lost turns into carbon dioxide and leaves your body through the lungs.

The remaining 16 per cent becomes water and leaves the body through sweat, tears and urine.

The study calculated that over the course of 24 hours, a person exhales 200g of carbon from their bodies from doing just the basics such as sleeping, sitting, and participating in light activities.

So if you ate a 100g muffin it would get 'exhaled' in about 5 hours.

If you went for a run you would exhale the muffin in just an hour which is why participating in a regular exercise program is essential to helping you lose weight.

Here's the Interesting Question

So the question you may be asking now is; 'if fat turns into carbon dioxide, could simply breathing more make you lose weight?'

Unfortunately not!

By trying to breathe more, or harder and faster, will only result in hyperventilation causing you to feel dizzy and possibly faint.

So What Can You Do Then?

The only, and best way, you can consciously increase the amount of carbon dioxide your body is producing is by moving your muscles. Ah, yes, by being active and exercising!

And now you know why our Stronger Mama Challenge is focused on exercising! But as you know, losing weight involves more than just exercise. It involves eating healthy foods, not over-eating, getting enough sleep, reducing stress and living a healthy lifestyle.

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