Three Steps to A Perfect Pregnancy Workout

prenatal exercise Feb 17, 2021
Three Steps to A Perfect Pregnancy Workout

Perfect Pregnancy Workout

When I say, 'perfect pregnancy workout,' I am talking about what is perfect for you in your busy lifestyle. Based on recommended guidelines by Obstetricians and prenatal fitness experts you can build your own workout schedule to ensure you are getting the most out of your workouts.

Eliminate the Guesswork When It Comes To Your Pregnancy Workout

You know you're not supposed to go parachuting, rock climbing or take up boxing.

But what is recommended for you to do is to incorporate at least a combined 150 minutes of exercise each week into your schedule.

I also want you to eliminate the guesswork when it comes to which exercises are safe and which ones can be downright dangerous to both you and your baby. Along with my in-studio classes and online prenatal workouts; I volunteer with the Babe's Project which is set up to help women in need. And where I can help is by teaching these women how to exercises safely when pregnant.

My goal is to ensure these young mamas know what exercises, activities and workouts they should avoid. And I want to you to also be aware of how you exercise.

Ready to get sweating?

As long as you've got a normal pregnancy without complications, exercise is an essential ingredient to ensuring you enjoy your pregnancy experience. So, I have three steps to help you get started with the perfect pregnancy workout.

1. Do Something You Love!

Maybe just not that local ninja training class or judo class.

If you do not enjoy the form of exercise you are doing, then try another one. Maybe you will enjoy a prenatal yoga class. Or Pilates. Maybe walking is what you enjoy most. As long as it is a recommended form of exercises when pregnant then it's your choice.

The best exercise for a pregnant woman is the one she will actually do! So, please find an activity you love and the return on you investing the time to do will be well worth it for both you and baby.

2. Accumulate 150 Minutes of Exercise Each Week

Prenatal fitness experts all recommend that pregnant women get 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity each week. This is also what ACOG recommend.
Let's dive a little deeper into how you can accumulate your 150 minutes.

Let's state the obvious first by making sure you don't try and do all 150minutes of exercise in one session.

Aim for five sessions of 30 minutes of exercise.

This is how I structure your pregnancy workouts in my week by week training programs. Safe and consistent progression is the key to your success.

Oh, and by the way; if 30 minutes of exercise is too much for you, then break it down into smaller chunks. Try several 15 minutes of moderate exercise or even a 10 minute express workout.

3. Do Strength Training when Pregnant!

It is so important you add in some strength training. No, not those power lifting exercises or high-ballistic bounding movements. I'm talking about prenatal strength training that delivers core exercises that are safe for pregnancy and total strength training workouts to ensure you achieve balance.

You must modify your strength training as you progress throughout each trimester.

As your belly grows and impacts significantly on your third trimester workouts; you must start to eliminate movements or poses.

Oh, now while I think about it; it is a good time to remind you that you should stop exercising on your back after 16 weeks.

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Does the Perfect Pregnancy Workout Exist?

I guess it does if it works for you. If you workout contains only safe recommended exercises and keeps you motivated, then it is perfect for you. Stick to the guidelines, know when to stop exercising and be sure to rest when needed.

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