Is it bad for me to run during pregnancy?

prenatal exercise Nov 14, 2021

Is it bad for me to run during pregnancy?

It is deemed safe to run in pregnancy if you have been running regularly pre-pregnancy. I would prefer you to avoid this high-impact exercises and replace it with walking but if you would like to run then I have this Podcast for you titled Running in Pregnancy and Postpartum with Women's Health Physiotherapist Beth Scott.

Below I chat with Obstetrician Dr Ini Thevathasan about running during pregnancy.

I personally don't recommend running in pregnancy as it does increase the pressure on your joints. Brisk walking is potentially going to give your body a more gentle, but very effective workout.;

If you do decide to run, I highly recommend you talk with your health care provider about your individual situation, and also think about some of the following questions:

  1. What footwear are you wearing?
  2. What track / ground are you running on?
  3. Are you wearing a supportive bra?
  4. There is no 'number' on how many weeks you can run until, that is completely individualized and needs to be assessed by your Women's Health Physiotherapist.

Is it bad for me to run during pregnancy?

Video duration: 5 minutes 15 seconds

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