Recommended Exercise for Last Three Weeks of Pregnancy

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Recommended Exercise for Last Three Weeks of Pregnancy

Question - If I could one exercise everyday in the last three weeks (or less 🤞) of pregnancy, what would you recommend?

Answer from Kerryn - All fours is a great position, especially for third trimester.

It potentially could be your birthing position, so getting down on all fours is so good. Have padding under your knees and feel free to rest your elbows on the couch.

All four kneeling also helps keep baby in optimal position (compared to sitting on the couch which can promote baby into posterior position - which no one wants as that's spine on spine in labour and it's not nice).

And keep swaying, movement is key in helping your hips and body adjust as your hips expand.

I sway all the time anyway (sorry to anyone I ever talk to whilst standing, I'll probably make you feel like we're on a boat I sway so much!).

And relaxation, relaxing and letting go. Birth is a profound letting go!

X Kerryn

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