Postpartum Exercise Plan


Postpartum Exercise Plan

When it comes to your postpartum exercise plan you need to break it down into two phases. The first 12 weeks (or more) after childbirth is all about recovery. Then, when ready, you can move into a program that involves more intense workouts to help you focus on losing baby weight, toning-up and feeling confident in how your body looks again.

When you search online you will come across various workouts, videos or programs that are solely focused on selling you 'the bikini body' dream when in fact the exercises included in many of these programs will only cause you more harm as your body recovers and heals.

So please only workout with an instructor who is experienced and qualified to teach postpartum exercise classes.

Watch the Video

The video above will help explain a little more about my two postpartum exercise programs and which one is right for you, right now, at your stage of recovery.

Your Postpartum Exercise Plan

Program 1 - Core Rehab - Postpartum Exercise for Recovery

If you are unsure, please start with my Core Rehab program as this program is all about recovering and healing; diastasis recti (ab separation), incontinence (peeing your pants), back, sciatica, or neck pain, pregnancy related injures, post-baby belly and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Program 2 - Stronger Mama Challenge - Lose Weight

When you are ready to lose baby weight and regain your body confidence with the way you look, then you can include appropriate core exercises and cardio in a more intense workout.

This is where my Stronger Mama Challenge is for you as you want to; Lose baby weight the right way, get rid of your belly pooch, be a fit + strong mama and feel strong and sexy in your own body.

Post Pregnancy is the Time To Invest in You!

Your recovery during the postnatal period will depend on a number of factors. Such as the mode of delivery and how your body has recovered physically.

Initiation of pelvic floor exercises in the immediate postnatal period may reduce the risk of future urinary incontinence. You should avoid high-intensity and high-impact movements and exercises while you experience the added fatigue of delivery and newborn care.

Only start exercising once your health care provider has given you approval to do so based on your individual needs.

Let's Chat About Your Postpartum Exercise Plan

We are all different and so is our recovery. I was able to heal quickly after pregnancy because I physically prepared so well during my pregnancy. But I still took time to heal my body after childbirth before moving on to more intense workouts.

I want you to assess where you are at in your recovery before deciding on which workouts you should do.

Your body is experiencing an entire new range of unwanted, and sometimes embarrassing, set of body changes. Your exercise plan should be dedicated to recovery and healing your diastasis recti.

First, I want you to wait at least two weeks postpartum before exercising at all.

And if you need longer, then do not feel rushed!

As a new mother, you are exhausted, tired and getting used to having to look after your beautiful little baby night and day. You're probably wondering how you are supposed to find the time or energy to exercise.

But recovery is about YOU! I created my online program so you don't have to go to the gym. You can workout in the privacy of your own home.

Great YouTube Postpartum Workouts

4 Day Postpartum EXPRESS Workout Challenge


Each week I want you to include a gentle 20 minute workout into your schedule. Aim to do this at least three times a week.

You can also do a rest and relaxation audio or workout. And when you have some time (in the car, on the couch) I want you to do some Kegel exercises for your pelvic floor.

Each week, your workouts should be progressive. Your are not trying to set any new personal best times or lifts. It's about doing the right postpartum core exercise to aid in your recovery.

Here are a few exercises you can include in your workouts.

Postpartum Exercises for Core Strength

5 Minute Workouts that Includes Safe Abdominal Exercises

Watch this video for a 5 minute workout you can do now. If you like this video then I have more free videos and workouts on my PregActive YouTube Channel you can get here >

Just a Word on Postpartum Exercise and Breastfeeding

Postpartum exercise and breastfeeding is often a topic raised when women start to begin a program after birth and are concerned about what effects exercise may have on breastfeeding.

Studies have shown that moderate postpartum exercise during lactation does not affect the quantity or composition of breast milk or impact infant growth.

Exercise frequency and intensity should not interfere with your ability to breastfeed.

However; it has been reported that lactic acid has been shown to be increased in the breast milk of women exercising at maximal intensity, but not in those exercising at moderate levels.

If you find that your baby does not feed as well right after exercising you may want to consider feeding your baby right before exercising or postponing feeding until 1 hour after exercising.

Further research and studies are required regarding this topic of exercise and breastfeeding so please seek the advice of your doctor if you have any concerns.

I recommend appropriate exercise during the postpartum period if you are without contraindications and only after your doctor's approval to exercise.

Exercise during this postpartum period is recommended to help re-gain conditioning and strength. But you should resist trying to achieve peak fitness or training for a sporting event.

Postpartum is not the time to try and set new personal bests.

Or push your body to the limits in terms of intensity as you may cause significant harm to your healing body.

You should also select activities that will minimise the risk of loss of balance, avoid high-impact movements, and cause trauma to the joints and ligaments.

I'm Here for YOU!

While you are busy looking after your newborn baby, I will be busy looking after you! Do you want to enjoy experience a speedier postpartum recovery?

I will show the best diastasis recti exercises along with the exercise your must avoid. I will help you to re-gain your body confidence and stop that unwanted leakage.

When ready, I will help you lose baby weight the right way without gimmicks or a fad diet.

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From my planning for pregnancy plan, pregnancy workouts, Core Rehab for Mamas program to my Stronger Mama Challenge; I have a program to help you be a healthy, fit and strong mama for life!

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