My Pregnancy Week 9 - What To Expect Week 9 when Pregnant

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My Pregnancy Week 9 - What To Expect Week 9 when Pregnant

My Pregnancy Week 9 - What To Expect

Week 9 - I have a student midwife!

And just like that, I have a student midwife! I always wanted my own private midwife to follow my pregnancy journey and to be another support person.

So, when I was contacted by this lovely lady I knew it was a sign.

But it's like anything, you need to ensure it's a right fit for you.

Meeting in person is important before making that final decision.

Your midwife is going to get to know you very well and you need to be completely comfortable with them (and anyone else you're deciding to have on your birth support team!).

A student midwife must come to 4 of your prenatal appointments, so if your 35+ weeks pregnant it's too late.

If not, and you're keen on the idea have a look at 'my tips for this week' as to how to get in touch with a student midwife.

In terms of a body update; Pelvic Girdle Pain started! It's at the back on my Sacroiliac joint (SIJ), and it's not fun.

As soon as I felt the pain I knew what it was and I acted straight away (and you should do the same too if this is happening to you!). I often get asked; 'what does pelvic girdle pain feel like?'

The short answer: pain anywhere around your hips. Mainly at the back (near your tail bone) or at the front in the middle (right where your jeans zip is located).

I booked in for a myotherapy session last week (as that's when it initially came on), she helped release my glutes (tightest butt muscles ever!) and release a few other things.

I felt better, but this week I needed another session.

It's one of the things I promised myself whenever I got pregnant, to go see a range of specialist and get different opinions.

And so I have.

My Women's Health Physiotherapist spent 90 minutes on me doing a full assessment, which I love. Because it's getting right down into what is the cause.

So interesting, she did all these tests to see if I'm more susceptible to having laxity in the joints, and I am! Which means I've just got to work harder on my muscle strength to help keep these joints stable.

I often see women suffer through pelvic girdle pain, and if you can get onto it early (and actually do your exercise homework!) then often it can alleviate the pain or make it manageable!

Trust me, you don't want to be one of those women who can't walk later in her pregnancy due to the pain. Some women end up on crutches, I couldn't think of anything worse!

Often women get it when the are standing for long periods of time or seated and then go to stand.

Keep watching this space as I'll update you on my journey with it - but also, I must emphasise, act on it straight away if you feel anything.

That fee you pay to see a specialist to help you will be work 10 times that amount if they can help you reduce the severity of the pain.

My tips for this week:

Start thinking about who you want in your birth support team. If you're thinking about getting a student midwife or a private midwife, start looking into it now.

They are a useful resource throughout your pregnancy not just for the birth!

And you want to find someone that's right for you and not feel pressured to stay with someone because you're running out of time.

Contact your hospital, although they don't always have contacts, but may be able to help.

Start researching the health care specialists in your area that specialise in pregnancy.

You really want to see someone who regularly sees pregnant women, as the changes we go through are quite different to not being pregnant.

Continue with your pregnancy yoga workouts and Pilates workouts.

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