My Pregnancy Week 8 - What To Expect Week 8 when Pregnant

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My Pregnancy Week 8 - What To Expect Week 8 when Pregnant

My Pregnancy Week 8 - What To Expect

Week 8 - The social event you almost got busted

'What's that you're drinking Kerryn?

As I reply 'soda water and lime' with a quick rebuttal of ';I have a urinary tract infection and on antibiotics.' (complete lie!)

The excitement soon drops and the conversation moves on to something else.

I do wonder how many times that excuse works. Feel free to take it ladies, because it will get those 'I'm watching your every move' kinda people off your back (at least for a week or two).

So yep, pretty much have gone into hiding.

Kind of fortunate though, no one has really noticed because we're doing house renovations (as you do!), and well, every weekend we're there doing house stuff and then exhausted afterwards!

Last weekend though we had an event. I still feel bad we didn't go.

I was never actually going to go, it would have just been too hard, plus how long can urinary tract infections actually last?

It's just still too early to have people on our back about it all, with all these appointments and body changes (and my incredible sense of smell), going out AT NIGHT seems like the least of my priorities.

I was in bed at 8.10pm the other weekend.

Woo! Party animal!

And back to the 'house stuff', since we found out I'm pregnant I've been pretty useless.

Given my main role was actually to paint as my husband was doing pretty much everything else; ah, I kinda can't do that anymore. The fumes are too much and my doctor said 'no, get your husband to do all the painting'.

It was really interesting what my doctor said: just one little particle of chemicals that you breathe in could affect the baby.

Maybe not now, but it could have an impact in their development as they grow up.

I think she was using a little scare tactic on me (and it worked!), but it's an interesting fact.

Baby is literally consuming everything I do. Whether I am breathing it in, drinking it or eating it. That's what my baby is getting.

Which kind of makes my new obsession with hot chips not so great?! And by obsession, I'm talking maybe twice a week! So not the worst in the world, but certainly a change from what I normally eat.

I am certainly not feeling my energetic self this week.

Napping has started to become a thing, and what I'm finding is that getting up from the nap is hard! But once I get up, I feel much better. There is so much risk though if I press stop on that alarm and don't get up.

What was a 20 minute nap could soon turn into an entire afternoon!

I'm still doing my normal yoga, and feel good afterwards. I haven't started modifying anything as yet. I'm feeling good when I do the exercise, it's just that dam motivation to get started that's the hard bit!

Let's see how that goes over the coming weeks shall we!

My tips for Week 9:

1. Have your excuses you want to use pre-planned and tell your partner or anyone who knows what the drill is. Because if people ask you don't want to give different answers!!

2. Paints, chemicals, petrol, diesel: these are all fumes that can just be too much. Maybe ask your partner to fill up your car if it's too much for you.

3. Be okay with staying in. Your body is having a party inside, and you're the host! So feel free to chill out, nap when you need to and don't push yourself beyond your limits.

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