My Pregnancy Week 16

pregnancy diary Jun 16, 2020
My Pregnancy Week 16

My Pregnancy Week 16

Sometimes, you just need a little bit of sunshine in your life.

And on the coldest winter weekend in Melbourne, we figured it was best to get away.

Port Douglas might seem a bit of an effort to get to for four days, but it was worth every minute. 29 degrees Celsius and sunny the entire time, thank you very much.

The hardest thing I had to do was decide which mocktail I was going to have! I’m so proud of the two of us (well three now really hey!), just relaxing… and literally sitting pool side and just reading!

You see, we're adventure addicts.

When we go on holidays, we normally call them trips.

Because they are full packed and we see and do EVERYTHING.

We’ve travelled to every continent in the world.

We have done everything from climb mountains in South America (like BIG ones!) to almost die white water rafting in Africa, kayaking with hump back whales in Antarctica, to zipping across the streets in Vietnam on motorbikes.. yep, we love it.

And you know what we’re also loving?

Calming down a little.

Being in our new home now and with my belly bump growing every day (and me literally having to slow down), we are liking it.

We saw some friends at the shopping centre last night who have two little ones and a third on the way and they said 'you know what, if you feel like going to the movies.. just go! Because you CAN!'

Yep, life is going to change dramatically, and we truly are happy for it to. I have no desire to go adventuring (or even out late at night!) anymore. Can you call me two years from now and check if I've changed my attitude?

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As was my Virgin Pina Colada Mocktail. I acquired a bunch of cushions and towels and set myself up with a self-made pregnancy pillow so I could lie face forward and read. It felt SO good on my back.

Along with the regular dips into the pool.

It’s just what I needed.

We strolled along the beach, we got ice-cream when we wanted to, we just had a good time.

And what's even cooler than that, is when we got back home we found out close friends of ours are also pregnant and due two days after us! We'd been hiding it from them until we saw them and they had done the same!

I excitedly told my Mums and Bubs classes this incredible news, and one of our gorgeous Mamas said 'your life is now complete'

It really has filled my cup just that little bit more (although it was pretty full at this stage anyway). I'm feeling on top of the world.

It's just so exciting to be on this journey, but to be on it with a dear friend who I genuinely just LOVE spending time with, plus our partners are friends.


Ah, I'm smiling as I write this.

We can exchange poo-nami stories and smell like baby vomit together as we lug our five bags of baby 'stuff' into a park to have a picnic as we take it in turns napping because that’s the only sleep we've had in weeks.

I'm genuinely excited we can share this all together, and laugh (and who am I kidding.. cry as well!) our way through it.

So yes, it's been a good week. A very good week.

I'm not waking feeling at all nauseas anymore, and I can actually go for a walk before breakfast, which has been unheard of until now.

I'm still napping if I need it (which I often do!), and the pelvic girdle pain is in maintenance mode (thanks to my Women's Health Physio and a Chiropractor that specialises in pregnancy).

Oh, and we had our 16-week check up with the Obstetrician.

You see, I'm in the Midwifery Group Practice which means I get to see one midwife and meet a second back up midwife. I'm low risk, so I'm eligible for this.

I'm stoked I'm in the program, and keen to stay in it. But as part of the procedure, at 16 weeks you have to see an Obstetrician to have the all clear to stay in the 'green pathway'

And we got the all clear!

She took the babies heart rate too! So very cool to hear it. The obstetrician said 'great, 155!' and as I got off the bed I said, 'ah, what is 155?'

She was talking about the beats per minute of the baby. 155 sounds high to me, but apparently that is perfectly healthy for a baby.

If it was down to 110 she'd be worried.

As the baby comes closer to term their heart beat slows down a little. How interesting is that!

My heart beat has had a full range this week, from super relaxed on our sunny holiday, to super excited with the announcement of our friends having a baby at the same time as us.


Such a great week!

My Tips for Pregnancy Week 16

Do something that relaxes you this week.

If you can get away - do it! It doesn't have to be a flight, it may just be one night somewhere a small drive away. If this is your first bub like us, remember this might be the last six months you can easily just get away!

Embrace this time, as second trimester is generally when you will feel your best.

Not every woman, but often first trimester hits hard with nausea and third trimester hits hard with exhaustion. So all I'm saying, is if you are feeling good now, appreciate it!

If you don't have friends that have little ones (or will have little ones by the time yours comes along), maybe head over and start to become part of some forums or groups.

Remember to continue with your pregnancy yoga workouts and 2nd trimester Pilates workouts


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