My Pregnancy Week 14

pregnancy diary Jun 16, 2020
Week 14 –  I officially have the best birth support crew!
Meeting my mid-wife.

I was actually so nervous before my appointment to first meet my mid-wife.

I applied to be in the Group Midwifery Practice program where I get assigned my very own midwife who ideally will see me at each appointment.

And then there will also be a few ‘back up’ midwives that I will get to meet if my primary mid-wife is not available for an appointment or for the birth.

I got the call weeks ago to say the date and time of my appointment and who it would be with. And now that day is here.

I have my folder with EVERYTHING in it.

Every result paper my doctor (GP) had given me, was in it. And I spent the night before double checking over everything.

I didn’t have a referral letter from my doctor I released!

I don’t know how this was missed, but it was my first lesson in not assuming everyone just knows what to do. Always double check what you need and ask questions.

After a bit of a scramble the morning of my midwife appointment I got it.

In fairness, there was a bit of a mix up because I changed my name with medicare part at 12 weeks, so a few things went missing, but now everything is sorted – I think!

I am just so happy with my midwife. She’s SO good.

So knowledgeable.

She literally backed up every main point with evidence and research. So personable too, both my husband and I felt so comfortable with her.

And it was so nice to have my student mid-wife also be there.

I love that I walked in with my (and honestly I didn’t mean for this) purple folder, purple water bottle, purple runners, purple jacket and the first thing she said to me was “I’m sensing a purple vibe”.

I’ve looked down and said “and you know what, it’s not even my favourite colour!”

For two hours we all chatted and went through absolutely everything. I loved every minute of it. I feel really good about these three being my support team. My husband, my student mid-wife and my mid-wife.

I asked a bunch of questions like “so what’s your opinion on water births” “whats your opinion on episotomies”. I wanted to hear what she thought before I gave my requests on what I’m hoping for.

I’ve heard a LOT of birth stories, and I’ve got a good idea of what an ideal birth would look like for me. But I’m also a realist and I know what can happen.

I’m preparing for best case and worst case scenarios, but if best case is available – I’m taking it!

And I’m making sure it’s clear what I visualise that to be like.

I feel empowered and safe. I know I can do this.

Walking out of the appointment I felt so ready for birth. I’m sure, as the months go on and I become closer to my due date emotions may change.

But I have seen so many of our gorgeous PregActive Mamas go through this process, and now, although it still feels a little surreal, it is my turn. And I’m ready.

I like what my midwife said “I’m here to guide and support you, but you’re the one steering this ship.”

And she’s right.

These wonderful people are here to help, but I’m the one making this what it is. I’m feeling confident and chock full of knowledge.

The conversations emphasised to me how much I do already know. I’ve been reading pregnancy books for years.

I listen to every story of our PregActive Mamas, I am continually learning about all-things pregnancy, birth and postnatal because I love it.

And now, it’s all helping.

I’m now equipped with a list of really good pod-casts and books to add to my collection. Although I have a feeling it’s going to be the podcasts that are going to be more useful.

I’m a slow reader (or more so I start reading and I feel tired, so I go to sleep instead of finishing the chapter!).

We talked a lot about diet. It’s given me even more reason to curb any poor eating decisions.

Knowing how much my diet affects not only my baby, but also my pregnancy and potentially my birth and postnatal recovery.

I don’t need fried food in my life right now.

What I do need thought is to be prepared and have snacks with me ALL THE TIME. Because when I don’t, is when I’m looking around ready to eat anything I can get my hands on.

This is a long week, as my due date has now changed by three days! So Sunday is no longer my change over date, Wednesday is. So week 14 feels like it’s going a little bit longer!

I’ve started to get some head aches. Apparently that’s a thing in pregnancy!

I had no idea.

I’ve been given the remedy of coconut oil with a drop of peppermint oil (as long as it’s 100% pure essential oil and it I mix it with the coconut oil and not put it direct to my skin) is really good to rub into my temples.

I’ve researched it, and it seems like it’s a good option.

If you’re reading this, always make sure you check with your health care professional before starting anything new.

My belly is growing more and more!

I’m HUGE from about 4.30pm every afternoon.

It’s like my belly just expands from everything I’ve done in the day, and stays like that until I go to bed and wake the next morning.

I spoke to another Mama-to-be who is in her first trimester and she explained this happening to her and I just looked at her and said “same!”

It’s so funny when you connect with someone else going through the exact same thing you are.

My Tips for this Week

1. Ask questions.

Knowledge is power and keeping yourself informed is going to be the best thing you can do for your pregnancy.

2. Really have a good think about who you want in your birth support team.

And start really communicating with them now as to what you are wanting and how they can help.

3. Don’t overload yourself with books, but certainly educate yourself.

4. Pregnancy Workouts

Continue with your pregnancy yoga workouts and 2nd trimester Pilates workouts


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