My Pregnancy Week 13

pregnancy diary
Week 13 –  The snooze button can be your best friend

Rest up my dear, you’ll need it.

You know what, pressing the snooze button is like giving myself a little gift in the morning.

This week, I over did it. I never really needed a pause button that often before I was pregnant. Well, to be fair, I probably should have paused more often, but I kept pushing through.

Now, I just can’t do it all. I just can’t.

How did I used to fit everything in?

I scheduled my day like I normally would have, and I just couldn’t keep up.

At 13 weeks you still feel like the new kid on the block of this pregnancy journey. It’s funny the looks people give you like “you still have a long way to go!”

But let’s also remember, we’re a third of the way through! It’s second trimester next week! What the?

So my lesson learned from this, is I can’t do everything. Don’t try to teach three classes AND do home workout videos AND skip your nap.

Just don’t do it Kerryn.

Too much exercise!

And with exercise and teaching comes ENERGY. I’m always giving 100% and to be able to continue to do that, I need to pull back a bit.

Food is energy, so make your decisions wisely

I am however, finding really good energy from the food I’m eating. I always eat healthy, but now I’ m very conscious of ensuring I fuel my body well. My day now usually looks like this:


Muesli and frozen berries that I’ve soaked in water the night before. I mix in some coconut milk and put it in the microwave for 2 minutes, then add yogurt. It’s SO yummy, easy to digest and a great way to get plenty of nutrients straight away.

Mid-morning Snack:

Protein balls + a piece of fruit and some almonds


Loving the rice cakes with cheese, avocado, tomato and cucumber (or I have leftovers!)

Mid-afternoon snack number #1:


Mid afternoon snack number #2:

Platter of cheese, olives, carrots, celery and dips


Always plenty of vegetables in our selections, love a good curry, or meat and veg or vegie burgers with the lot (you know, beetroot, tomato, cheese, lettuce… all the good stuff!).

So yep, doing pretty well. And feeling good about it.

I now cringe when I drive past a Drive Thru. I’ve I really want chippies, I’ll go make some home made ones.

Cleansing process of moving house:

In the last 10 months we’ve: Gotten married, been on our honey mood, renovated our new house, moved into the new house and now we’re 14 week pregnant with our first little bubba!

It sort of all just encourages a fresh beginning.

Today, although we officially “moved in” two weeks ago, was a fresh, cleansing process of sorting through my memories I’ve kept in boxes for years.

This includes photos, letters, cards, diaries and just little random stuff that I picked up along the way of this journey called life.

You see, I’m a words and photo kinda person.

I love them.

I love seeing and reading the emotion in people as they genuinely speak how they feel. And often people do this at very special occasions.

And the funny thing is, I feel I probably didn’t appreciate it back then as much as I do now.

My Nana as an example, has written just one sentence in each of my birthday cards, but with such powerful words.

She is so proud of me, through my schooling years, through my twenties, and now.

I’ve kept every card she’s given me, and those are certainly some of the ones that have made the ‘cut’ into my now ONE box of memories.

I’m quite proud of myself to be able to get down to one box. To be fair, it’s quite a big box. One of those storage kinda boxes. But it all fits!

I knew it was always going to take me a while to go through everything, and as I sat there for hours reading letters I loved it. I read the letters my parents wrote to me when I was away on grade six camp.

I tread through the kind words on my birthday cards throughout the years. I laughed at the funny drunk uni-party photos.

And I kept a little slice of each part of my life and put it in my memory box. Because it’s all me and what’s built me to be the person I am today.

I’ve also kept some special things from my childhood that I’m looking forward to sharing with our little one. One of which was my little teddy bear called Ted.

Quite an original name really!

Ted is actually a pink little teddy bear, so I guess we’ll wait and see if we’re having a little girl or a little boy first.

One thing I found looked at this week was my baby album my Mum gave me.

She actually wrapped it up for my birthday which was quite cute, and included my maternity book and all the things about me as a baby.

So very special, and soon I’ll be creating one similar for our little bub.

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