My Pregnancy Week 12 - What To Expect Week 12

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My Pregnancy Week 12 - What To Expect Week 12

My Pregnancy Week 12 - What To Expect Week 12

Week 12 - My goodness, the biggest week so far.

This week is certainly one of the biggest weeks I've had this year.

  1. We Moved into our new home after 6 months of renovations.
  2. We had our 12-week scan and saw our healthy little bub up on the screen.
  3. It was my 33rd birthday.
  4. We announced to family and friends that we’re pregnant.

Phew, I'm puffed out just writing all of that.

So this is how it went down.


We have the scan tomorrow. I'm really hoping it all goes well.

I do have a good feeling about it all, but it will certainly be reassuring once we hear if from the doctors / scan specialist.

Final moving of our stuff from the old house to our new home today. I'm so happy we're finally in. Waking up for the first time in our new home today felt so amazing.

Morning:Today was a big day. 8.20am scan: we got to see our baby!

Probably one of the coolest things I've ever seen. The whole baby.

Right there in my belly.

Head, legs, arms, everything. And he / she even waved at us too!

The scan man said to me 'now hold still, this might tickle, but just try to hold still' and he jiggled my belly and the baby jumped.


So amazing.

I was trying so hard to stay still as tears just flooded down my face. The happiest tears I've ever shed.

As scan man printed off some photos of our bub, he passed them to me and I passed them to Paul.

He squeezed my hand and really it all just happened like that. We're a family. A beautiful family of three.

It really was one of the happiest moments of my life, I'm so excited for what is to come.


After the scan, I went off to Medicare to officially change my name to my married name; two hours later, and all my snacks eaten, I’d done it!


Next was my physio appointment to have an internal pelvic floor assessment.

I'd called when I was 8 weeks to talk about it (and the pelvic girdle pain I was experiencing at the time) and it was suggested to wait until after the 12 week scan.

So literally the same day of the scan, I was booked in! I'm so glad I did this, and highly recommend all pregnant women and new mothers get an internal pelvic floor assessment.

Now here's an interesting fact, I was totally fine with my exercises, great tone and good activation and release.

BUT, the physio said I was slightly inflamed on the inside. Then the guilty question came ‘Have you changed anything in your diet lately?

And the answer - yes!

Between renovations and being pregnant I had made MANY unhealthy choices.

And her question certainly made the Drive Thru burger run we did yesterday (plus fries and coke wit that please), feel a whole lot more guilty.

People often think of the outside issues of junk food like weight gain, but not what's happening on the inside.

And since this conversation there's been no more junk food.

If I have a craving, I've (generally) found a pretty healthy option for it.


And the announcements started! I had to tell a couple of friends over the phone rather than in person, but that's okay. It's going to be a big week of telling people.


My Birthday! And this one is certainly a special one.

Blueberry pancakes with my amazing husband in the morning, and then off to teach a Pilates class before lunch with my family.

And here I was, ready to tell the new class of complete strangers I was pregnant. My belly has popped and it's not as easy to hide any more.

And as I walked up.... there was one of my very best friends mothers; 'Hi Kerryn, happy birthday!'

And just like that, I engaged my core throughout the class and didn't say peep about my pregnancy! I think it took me half the class to get my head around it all. I hadn't told my friend yet, and I couldn't have her Mum finding out about my pregnancy before she did!

Lunch was fun, beautiful place.

Just to rub it in, it was a glass of complimentary wine with any main meal ordered.

So yep, Dad got mine.

My little niece is 18 months and she dam cute! She's got absolutely no clue that she's going to have a little cousin by the time she's two.

But I'm sure she's be excited when she works it out.

And then I had PregActive classes in the evening and got to share my incredible news with the gorgeous girls.

They all squealed when I told them. So much excitement and so much fun!

A beautiful dinner with my husband, and then off to bed as a 33-year-old mama-to-be.


I had lunch with my beautiful besties.

And FINALLY could tell them all. I had always thought I'd want to tell all my girlfriends that I was pregnant straight away.

But when it came down to it, I had just a few key people that knew and I liked it that way. I was in a bit of a bubble and no one really was asking ';so, how are you feeling?' every second minute.

But so so nice now to announce.

And I have the cutest little bump going on. I just LOVE it.

So no wine or cured meats for me, but the long lunch eased well into the afternoon and it was just perfect.

My Pregnancy Week 12 Tips

Announce when you're ready.

Never feel pressured.

Do it your way, and enjoy the process.

When you announce, may be a good idea to say; and please keep it to yourself for the next few weeks as we're still in the process of telling people."

Soak in the 12-week scan. If you haven't started a diary, maybe now is a good time.

It’s fun to look back on these memories.

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