My Pregnancy Week 11 - What To Expect Week 11 when Pregnant

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My Pregnancy Week 11 - What To Expect Week 11 when Pregnant

My Pregnancy Week 11 - What To Expect Week 11

You're getting another Great Grand Child, Nana!

Do you do this too? Build something up in your head of exactly how something will pan out.. and it doesn't go that way at all?

We wanted to wait until the 12-week scan to tell everyone, but it was my Mum and Nana's birthday (yep born on the same day!) and all the family was getting together.

Now at 11 week's we're so close, we agreed now would be a good time to tell.

And here I was, with my little plan all ready to go. I'd written on Nana’s card the words 'and we have another birthday surprise for you.. a Great Grand Child due January 2020'

And this is how it went down.

We arrived, my parents and Nana were there. Half an hour later, my sister, brother-in-law and little niece turned up. 45 minutes late, my brother and his girlfriend turned up.

Everyone sat down and I got Nana's card out and announced 'Nana's just about to read her card out loud everyone'.

As she opened it, she realised she didn't have her glasses, my sister next to her read it and jumped with excitement as I'm giving her the 'shhhhhh' signal.

Then Nana comes back in and starts reading the card to herself.

So then I just read it out to everyone and the celebrations started!

Too funny.

So if you have anyone else involved in your plan at announcing, just be mindful, it; doesn't always go to plan!

At 88 years old now, Nana is just so excited to have another little Great Grand Child on the way!

My Pregnancy Week 11 Tips

Over the next few weeks you'll probably start announcing your news, just work out who you want to tell and how.

Also let them know not to spread the word if you haven't told everyone yet.

It's your news not theirs, so ensure uncles, aunties and others who aren't necessarily in your direct circle, get to hear the news from you if you are wanting that, not through your Grandma.

Get excited! It's an emotional and exciting time!

I cried, don't know why.

I think it's all the excitement and build up.

But happy tears, for sure.

I want you to continue with your pregnancy yoga workouts and Pilates workouts.

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