My Pregnancy Week 10 - What To Expect Week 10 when Pregnant

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My Pregnancy Week 10 - What To Expect Week 10 when Pregnant

My Pregnancy Week 10 - What To Expect

Week 10 - Let's talk stretch marks

We had our blood tests this week, but don't get the results back until week 13.

Just another waiting game!

We decided to just go with the regular test rather then the extras.

Everything is totally personal preference, and we felt comfortable with that decision.

The house is coming along so well! Our renovations are almost complete.

We have lights and electricity now!

I keep walking into the baby room and just stopping and enjoying being in there.

My little mind goes off into imaginary world and I get goose bumps thinking about what the next year looks like for us.

I'm loving rubbing my little belly.

Every morning and every night I rub a mix of my moisturiser and either a drop of my serum or a repair oil I have. Both natural products and I've checked they are safe for pregnancy.

Just be careful of too much vitamin A, it's not good for bub, although it’s great for your skin!

Lots of other options you can choose from in pregnancy.

Had a conversation this week about stretch marks with one of our PregActive mamas.

They can certainly creep up on you!

And everyone is different.

Some women won't get them no matter what they do, and some will get them no matter what they do!

But regular 'oiling' or moisturising of your belly and areas you feel need it, is a really good way to keep the skin supple. The other thing to note, is it's not just the outside you need to think about.

Keep well hydrated (even if you're like me and peeing so often!) and eating your good fats (nuts, oils, fish, avocado) and you'll be a glowing pregnant goddess in no time.

Or not a glowing goddess (everyone's pregnancy is different), but hey, may as well try right?

My Pregnancy Week 10 Tips

1. Talk to your partner and your doctor about which 10 week test you want to do. The regular one costs less, but gives you less information and the results later.

Do your research and make your decision, don't be persuaded by anyone else.

2. Oil up baby! Now is a good time to start testing out what oils or moisturisers work for you. Always buy a small amount and test it first. I had one lady find our she was allergic to bio oil after buying a big container of it!

Get into routine of taking your pregnancy supplement and oiling your body.

Two to three times a day my aim, although getting that middle of the day oiling hasn't yet been successful!

Morning and night is good enough for now!

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