My Pregnancy Diary Week 33

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My Pregnancy Diary Week 33

My Pregnancy Diary Week 33

Hospital Bag for Pregnant Woman

This style of packing is like no other I've ever done before. Normally, when going on holiday, I lay out what I'm going to take, and then, last minute I do a mad rush and pack half the house with me too.

But this time it's different.

My last-minute rush to pack (as my husband is waiting in the car and we should have left 15 minutes ago), leaves the house in a mess and me coming home from holidays relax and realising I was a little stress head before I left.

This time, as I pack, I'm also prepping the house to ensure that when we come home with bub that we're organised. The 'coming home' part is more important than what I'm actually taking with me to the hospital.

I'm not sure how long I'll be in hospital.

But as part of the Group Midwifery Program, it's normally quite a short stay and then they come and visit you at home. So, I don't feel I need to take half the house with me, but I will pack for a little bit longer than I think, just in case!

This is what I’ve got in my hospital bag so far:

For me:

  1. Nightie
  2. Loose clothes
  3. Heat pack
  4. Nipple cream
  5. Maternity pads
  6. Music (Boom portable blue tooth speaker that links to my phone)
  7. Charger
  8. Battery candle (that reminds me, I need to look for some more of these)
  9. Snacks
  10. Maternity book (with all the numbers I need to call highlighted - birth suite, midwife, student midwife)

For him (baby):

  1. Clothes
  2. Nappies
  3. Swaddle

I'm sure over the weeks to come, I'll keep adding to this. I had a tip to have a few different sizes for him, so that's what I've done! Who knows how big he'll be!

And to put the same size stuff in a zip lock back and label it that size. So whoever needs to find it can, easily enough. Great tip, thanks Simone!

Maternity Photo shoot

I actually can't believe the time has come for this maternity photo-shoot. I'm excited, but it also signals to me, my goodness time is flying and I'm getting much closer to meeting my baby!

When I booked it in with the gorgeous Sigrid, it was ages ago. I love her work and I remember seeing some photos of a friend that had their photos with her and thought - yep, I want her to be my photographer for maternity and newborn.

I’m such a photo person, always have been.

I love it.

Looking back on the memories brings me so much joy.

I could sit for hours and just go through old photos. I feel like each time you look at a photo you remember something different.

I'm getting excited for our shoot, the weather is looking good, which helps!

Week before Christmas

As a promise to myself, this year it's all about a chilled Christmas. No need for added stress and trying to race around seeing everyone.

We'll see my family Christmas Eve for some relaxed afternoon drinks, then have a relaxed morning just us on Christmas Day and then head to my husband's family for lunch, and then, we're heading to the beach!

So blessed to have a beach house down there that we love going to. Instantly we relax when we go there. Hopefully we have some nice weather and we can just laze at the beach, swim, walk, read our books and not worry.

I'm looking forward to it already!

Tips from My Pregnancy Week 33 Diary

1. Write a list for your hospital bag, and then start gathering the stuff in one spot. Snap lock bags are a great idea to help keep a few things tidy.

And remember your hips are going to expand even more than they are now, so that's why you need some undies that are one size up!

Comfort is everything!

2. I've never spoken to anyone who regrets getting maternity photos done. Unless of course, they didn't turn out nice. If you are choosing to get some done, check out they style of the photographer. They have their own style and make sure it matches with what you want.

3. Don't add more stress to your life. Whatever stage of year you are pregnant, there's always going to be events. Stay relaxed and don't overwhelm yourself.

4. Continue with your pregnancy yoga workouts or Pilates workouts.

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