My Pregnancy Diary Week 24

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My Pregnancy Diary Week 24

Welcome to my pregnancy diary for week 24. My gorgeous little bub is an active one. He loves kicking about and moving, particularly just before bed and as we wake in the morning.

With all the excitement of the start of this week, I stopped and realised I hadn't felt bubba move all day. I thought he must still be resting from all the excitement.

Then that night, as we went to bed - no kicks.


I lay there, trying to relax. Trying to be okay with the fact that he probably just wants to chill out tonight.

But I couldn't.

The 'worst case scenario' thoughts came into my head and I started to get really worried. I thought, do I go to the hospital and get them to check he's okay?

Do I go to the hospital where I'm having my baby, or is any hospital okay?

When do I go?

How long do I wait?

So, to answer your question, no, I didn't sleep a wink that night. I woke up exhausted and with little kicks in my belly.

I'm not sure what happened, but he's fine.

And there we have it'. The start of a long journey of worrying! I was speaking to some beautiful 60 year-old women I teach Pilates too and told them my story.

They said, 'yep, and you never stop worrying.'

I asked how old their kids were and the answer '35 years old'.

So yep, that'd be me!

I'm going to be honest here, birth doesn' scare me.

Stillbirth does.

Having this little life inside of me right now is the most magical thing I've ever experienced, I dream of what our little boy is going to look like.

I dream of my husband and I playing with him and watching as he grows and grows.

To experience a stop to all of that would be so hard, and I've seen plenty of mothers go through this.

As part of the PregActive Podcast I'm excited to interview a range of experts and mothers that share a range of stories.

And in due time.

I'd certainly like to get some women on who have gone through this, mostly as a way to help other new mothers who experience the same thing.

At this stage, little bub is doing just great and I'm trying not to have these types of thoughts.

I'm enjoying every single week, soaking up those gorgeous movements and by beautiful belly growing and growing.

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Oh I can just feel the love

On a much more positive note, I am just so grateful for the love surrounding me and bub at the moment. We have friends visiting from interstate and they are just the best!

My good friend Ash is like a sister to me, she's amazing.

I love her and she has so much love for me and our gorgeous bub.

We had such a wonderful time with them, we went down to the beach, went to wineries and went out into the country and enjoyed a beautiful picnic sitting in the sunshine surrounded by gorgeous greenery.

Being in a winery is when you really notice you're pregnant.

Those cheeses and the wine are what wineries are all about!

But I just loved being able to be the driver as we hopped from winery to winery and everyone else in the car got happier and happier with every wine stop.

The music was blaring and we were all just singing and laughing.

Loved it.

We took our 'gender reveal'; photos down at the beach and it was so fun. I actually love knowing and it's fun now with everyone else knowing too!

Our friends bought us some little football booties that are the team we barrack for.

I say 'we' but I don't really care for football that much, but I do like that my husband has a team he loves and is so excited for our little boy to follow along too.

The little booties will certainly come out in footy season that's for sure!

My Pregnancy Diary Week 24 Tips

1. If you feel worried at all, talk to your midwife or doctor. They will reassure you that it is so okay to ask them questions. They would much rather it than have you sitting at home worried.

2. Try to avoid working yourself up.

Talk about your feelings to a close support person (as well as your health care professional).

Bub is also affected by your emotions, so if you're stressed, tense or upset, it's not great for bub.

Try to find something that relaxes you and your mind. Go for a walk in the fresh air, have a bath, listen to some relaxing music. Something that helps you.

3. Enjoy the excitement of your friends and family. Send them little notes on how you're doing and how bub is, they love it.

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