My Pregnancy Diary Week 23

pregnancy diary Jun 16, 2020

My Pregnancy Diary Week 23

Ready for my pregnancy diary week 23? I am now approaching the end of trimester 2. We've just come back from the most amazing weekend away.

One year ago, we got married on a perfectly sunny afternoon down. One year on and 23 weeks pregnant with our first little bub, we went back to celebrate.

I didn’t know it was possible, but I love my husband even more than I did the day I married him.

My love for him just continues to grow.

Our wedding was just one part of our incredible journey together, and since that day, we’ve done so much!

We moved out of the only house we;d ever lived in together, we had an incredible four-week honeymoon in Europe over Christmas and New Year.

We did a whole-house renovation in five months and moved into our new home the day before our 12-week scan that showed our little, healthy baby.

It's all pretty special.

So, for us, October 5th is not just a day to celebrate that incredibly fun day where we were surrounded by our closest friends and family and danced the night away. It's also a time to reflect on what we have achieved to date and where we are right now.

Seeing our gorgeous celebrant / event manager / wedding planner was just the best. Kat is truly the most amazing person to have around you in any life event.

She's so passionate, caring and kind.

And for my husband and I, she made our wedding just so special.

So, it was a no-brainer that we'd love to spend our one-year wedding anniversary having lunch at the place we said 'I do', and I'm so glad we did.

The views of Sorrento back beach are just perfect, and as we sat eating our lunch and reminiscing on what a great year we've had, I had flashbacks on just how happy I was walking down that aisle to my future husband.

Gender Reveal

Not only did we celebrate our one-year wedding anniversary, but we revealed the sex of our baby!

It was so perfect! We stood under the arch way in the exact position we stood one year ago, we read some nice words and promises to each other, which were so perfect in every way.

And then we looked at each other with anticipation as we knew what was coming.

That very moment we opened the envelope was when we found out if it’s a little boy or girl growing inside of me.

My biggest scare was that it was going to say 'It's an 80% chance it's a ……” that would have done my head in.

I'd rather have no idea than have an 80% chance!

We both had absolutely no expectation, we just wanted a healthy little baby. Whether a little girl or a little boy, it didn't matter, to us, the health of our baby is more important that if it has a penis or not!

I filmed this exact moment, not to share publicly, but just for us. And since that moment I've watched it over and over and over again with the biggest smile across my face.

I had the envelope in my hand, I slowly opened it and took out the card that was inside. I eagerly looked at Paul and said 'ready, okay' and giddily I opened the card as we both read:


You are going to be the proud parents of a bouncing baby BOY!

I squealed, jumped up and down and gave Paul the biggest hug EVER!

What a moment!

And we are just so incredibly happy!

We would have been over the moon if the result was a girl too of course! But now just imagining our life with our little baby boy, it’s just so incredible!

And from that moment on, there is no way you could have taken the smiles off our faces! We sang and danced as we drove right up the street and got an ice-cream.

Because, these things need to be celebrated! And when a girl can’t have champagne, ice-cream it is!

Telling Family and Friends

Since that moment it's been visits and phone calls to tell our closest family and friends, and they are all just so excited for us.

Well, almost everyone.

You see, we have one nephew who has just turned six, followed by four gorgeous little nieces aged four, three, two and a half and the final little one is almost two.

Our little nephew is stoked!

Finally, another boy to play with!

Our littlest niece is still trying to work out what we mean when we say 'there's a baby in there' pointing to my belly.

Our three most disappointed people are our three little nieces that as soon as we announced 'it's a boy' dropped their bottom lip and said 'but I wanted a girl!'

Lesson in life; you can't please everyone!

I'm sure by the time he's born, they'll love him no matter what!

My Pregnancy Diary Week 23 Tips

1. Don't feel pressured to find out the sex of your baby. If you want to, great, but make sure it's a decision purely between you and your partner, no one else needs to have an influence.

2. Remember that there are so many women that would trade places with you right now, just to be pregnant and knowing there is a baby coming.

Gender disappointment is real for many people, but it really is a first world problem, because reality is, you really just need to be grateful their healthy!

3. Anyone under the age of four will tell you their honest opinion, as will anyone over the age of 80, so be ready for it!

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