My Pregnancy Diary Week 22

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My Pregnancy Diary Week 22

My goodness, I am set! Here is my pregnancy diary for week 22. I am staying fit,m active and feeling good about my pregnancy.

One of my best friends gave me a whole heap of maternity clothes and, basically has me all set up for now, for later when I'm HUGE, and for those early months of having a newborn.

I actually don't think I'll go back to normal jeans, ever. Anyone agree?

These maternity ones are so good!

Why did I ever suffer through tight banded jeans that, let's be honest are 'stand up jeans only'.

You know the type, when you go to sit down, somehow the jeans get smaller and you feel like even if you eat a carrot you'll bust out of them - let alone the burger you have sitting in front of you that looks so delicious.

No more busting open a button when needed, these jeans do the stretching for you.


I do have one suggestion for the maternity clothing world though - more colour please! For someone who barely wears black, I'm now completely stocked up with black, grey and- stripes!

These are the three things I hardly ever wear.

But I'm sure I'll get used to it.

Some of these maternity dresses are just beautiful. Despite the hot hot days, I'm looking forward to being pregnant over the warmer summer months. I feel like I will live in dresses! They just feel so nice and there's no tight bits!

But there is a reason for maternity wear, and I'm starting to understand that. The longer the better! That little area between where your pants start and your top finishes is the exposed space you just don't want to have.. and that's exactly where all my other clothes

STOP. Right there, showing that exact gap.

Kind of cute for a little while, and then just dam annoying! So much pulling down happening, so yes, bring on the long maternity tops thank you very much!

I can't party past 8pm.

Who am I kidding, I can't party Full Stop.

Unless of course it involves me sitting when I want to, standing when I want to and going for a nap if I feel like it.

Every year we host a football final house party.

Well, every year expect last year.

The Grand Final was the week before our wedding, our place was packed full of 'stuff' ready to take down to our beach destination wedding and just days before the grand final I had friends texting: 'so what would you like us to bring to the party?

In return I wrote, 'uh, we're not hosting this year, sorry!

But we were back on track and in our new home ready to have all our friends over for a fun-filled afternoon. Surely a party that starts at 12noon doesn't go too late?



I was loving it, up there with everyone on the dance floor (also known as our dining room by day) having a laugh and shakin' my booty.

Then it hit me. 9pm came around.

I stopped, looked at all the mess, all my drunk friends and then at my feet (which had just told me they were sore and sick of standing up!).

I made the announcement 'righto, who wants a lift to the pub' and between me and a few Uber drivers we got everyone out of the house.

Bless them, before they left, they sobered up enough to help clean up. I think they felt bad for leaving the (now grumpy) pregnant woman to do the cleaning.

And so, by the time I returned from taking them as-far-from-my-house-as-possible, there wasn't that much I had to do.

I ran the bath, added my magnesium salts and soaked.

It was bliss.

And that, my friend, is now how I like to spend my Saturday nights.

Heels are out. Standing for long periods at a time are out. And, to be frank, anything after 8pm that involves loud music and drunk people out.

The PregActive Podcast is Live!

Very excited that this week we launched our PregActive Podcast. It's something I have always wanted to do, and I have a full line up of guests I can't wait to get on the podcast.

What I find, as a prenatal and postnatal exercise expert who's been in the field helping women for over a decade now, is that I repeat myself. Quite a lot.

The audience is always different, which is why I continually say the same things over and over again. I get the same type of questions and the same reactions when I give my answers.

So why not broadcast it?

Let's get this information out there. For all the pregnant women unsure on when to start their exercise, or when to stop it.

For all the new mothers wanting to get rid of that tummy they don't love so much but do it the right way so years later there is no nasty issues like pelvic organ prolapse or hernias.

For all the women fearing birth, let's talk through tips, techniques and some incredible, inspiring birth stories.

That's what I want.

I want to spread the positive, motivational, yet practical advice to all of these women.

So do tune in, because it's good fun. Oh and, I also hate podcasts that fluff. So mine are pretty much straight to the point. Get your info, no messing around.

My Pregnancy Diary Week 22

1. Ask around for maternity clothes, or get some second hand. It's just like baby clothes, women don't need them for very long.

And especially those ladies that know they're done with having babies - they'll throw the clothes at you!

2. Listen to your body, both in exercise and in life. If you can’t get through a party, go home.

Your body is growing a baby, and it's tired. Don't try and keep up with everyone else.

Have a bath instead, it's so much better!

Schedule your social catch up with friends after your afternoon nap, but before 8pm. That's when you'll probably have your most energy!

3.Tune on into our PregActive Podcast!

You can listen to it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher.

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