My Pregnancy Diary Week 19

pregnancy diary Jun 16, 2020
My Pregnancy Diary Week 19

My Pregnancy Diaries Week 19

So amazing to feel the baby move, I'll get to that in a second, there is so much to cover this week!

Firstly, haircuts.

It's a weird reality when you start counting down the amount of appointments you have left, and very surreal to think I only have two more haircuts booked until our little munchkin arrives.

Or maybe just one left, who knows, this baby could arrive sooner!

We're almost at that 'half way' mark and it's absolutely flown by! I know it will continue to go fast, and just so grateful I'm documenting this diary.

Alright, let's get into the good stuff:

Our Little Get Away to the Country

As we were driving down to the country on our three-and-half hour drive, my tummy was beautifully warm as the sun was perfectly sitting on it, I felt some little kicks.

I think our little bub is just like their dad and loves the warmth of the sunshine!

It was a row of rapid little kicks and it was so cool to be able to feel them with my hand on the outside as well as that weird butterfly type feeling on the inside.

What was even cooler, was that night when we were lying in bed, those little kicks happened again and I grabbed my husband's hand and placed it right where our little bub was saying hello to us.

That was incredible.

That moment, having him feel our baby, oh - I'll remember it forever. Just so special.

Even writing this my eyes are swelling up with joy as I think back to that moment and the look on my husband's face.

I think that was a 'this is real' moment for sure.

We dedicated this weekend to us, the pregnancy and starting to prep for the birth. We had some print outs and went through all of them covering a range of topics and chatting openly about everything.

We completed our birth plan, knowing full well it's flexible. But it was nice to go through all the options we have and tick what we want and cross what we certainly don’t want.

We googled a whole lot of words, because sometimes the medical language is confusing, but once you understand it all makes sense.

Some of those words are big and scary, so totally get it that women get freaked out - or don't want to know about it and go in naive.

Feeling Completely Refreshed

We were like a little Grandma and Grandpa.

We chilled out, went for walks, had naps, went out for dinner and then sat on the couches with our cups of tea and blankets and read.

It was amazing.

I tell you what, old people have worked out what is good! No need for late nights, alcohol and kebabs at 3am.

Oh, I am getting old aren't I!

One thing I love about a bed and breakfast is the bed is always SO good and the breakfast is simple yet so delish!

After two nights and two full days, and an actively kicking little bubba, we hit the road again and started our journey back to the suburbs.

So glad we went, we came home feeling refreshed and organised.

My Pregnancy Diaries Week 19 Tips

1. A birth plan is great to have, as long as you're not attached to it.

It gives you guidance and a way to ensure you are your birth partner (and medical team) are on the same page, but also knowing that things could change

2. If you don't know what something is, google it.

Ensure you know what all the words mean and have a chat with your health care professional about it.

3. Enjoy those little baby kicks if you're getting them, but if you're not, don't fret!

For every woman it's different, so it may be in the coming weeks that you'll feel them.


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