My Pregnancy Diary Week 17

pregnancy diary Jun 16, 2020
My Pregnancy Diary Week 17

My Pregnancy Diaries Week 17

Today, I want to share with you my pregnancy diary for week 17. I always promised myself when I became pregnant that I would be open to everything. And seek plenty of information from a range of sources, and so that is exactly what I'm doing.

I'm going to a range of different information nights, reading an array of books, listening to podcasts and watching some very useful video clips.

At the moment this is how I feel:

1. I feel empowered with the knowledge that I have, and grateful that I have been reading pregnancy books, talking through birth stories and pregnancy journeys with PregActive Mothers and equipping myself with resources across the last ten years.

I did it to improve my skills in working with pregnant women and new mothers, but also, as an investment in the day I became pregnant myself.

And it's certainly paying off now.

2. I have plenty of breathing techniques that I use, but I'm always interested in learning more ways to help relax and calm the mind and body.

3. I don't have a fear of birth.

As it becomes closer, I'm sure my feelings towards it may change.

But I've been blessed to see so many women go through this journey and hear hundreds of incredible birth stories (as well as not so nice ones as well of course!).

I'm excited to meet my baby and have trust in my body that the changes that are happening now, and will continue to happen up until baby is ready to come out, are all happening for a reason.

I trust in both my body.

And my birth support team and feel confident in my own skills, mental strength and physical ability.

4. I have faith in my ability to relax and let go, and am letting go of 'stuff' that doesn't matter even right now.

5. I guess the only thing I'm nervous about is what I don't know, which is completely normal feeling to have.

Birth is the great unknown.

I'll continue to chat, read, watch and listen to learn more and more, but I'm also focusing on preparing for once bub comes too. I think so many women get stuck so focused on the birth, that they don't give much thought to the weeks and months that follow.

Thank You!

So, thank you to everyone who has contributed to helping me feel like this, there are many of you.

I'm pretty quick to stop people who go down the path of scary, unhelpful 'horror' stories about pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

So, if you've got one of these, I'll politely stop you, because to be honest, I don't want to hear it.

Those Nasty Cramps

On another note, who invented these pregnancy cramps anyway? Because I’d like to have a long talk to them, whoever it is.

They aren't fun!

I'll take the blame on this one though. I did a workout in the morning without stretching afterwards, and then just before bed we went for a big walk up the hill near us, I didn't have my magnesium tablet or magnesium bath for a while and - BOOM!

Just like that, CRAMP!

My left calf went into spasms and I squealed!

So back on the stretching, magnesium and salt baths for me!

My Pregnancy Diaries Week 17 Tips

Believe in yourself. And if you have concerns about your pregnancy or birth, now is a good time to start looking into them. The women's body is pretty unbelievable, so watch closely as things start to change.

But also feel free to ask questions to your health care professional.

Birth is not just about one day, prepare yourself in the lead up.

Mentally and physically.

Across the coming months I plan to see one of the following health care professionals once every 3-4 weeks, and as I get into third trimester probably make that more frequent:

  1. Chiropractor (that specialises in Pregnancy)
  2. Massage Therapist (that specialises in Pregnancy)
  3. Women's Health Physio (that specialises in Pregnancy)
  4. Acupuncturist (that specialises in Pregnancy)

Give your feet and calves a rub before you go to bed with some moisturise too, as it'll help with circulation and reducing your risk of cramps.

Are you doing your pregnancy yoga workouts? Or your 2nd trimester Pilates workouts?


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