My Pregnancy Diaries Week 18

pregnancy diary Jun 16, 2020

My Pregnancy Diaries Week 18

Welcome to my pregnancy diary for week 18. So, it was Father's Day this week. It's a pretty cool reality that this time next year our little bubba is going to be giving their daddy cuddles and smiles and be the best gift to him, ever.

But I still went ahead and got my husband a little something.

1. A Little 'baby jumpsuit' that says 'I'm as cool as Daddy' (totally adorable!)

2. A journal, for us both to write in to our bub - which is just the best and we both love it.

3. A weekend getaway to a little Bed and Breakfast in the Country

I';ve always loved thoughtful gifts.

There is no price tag needed to make someone happy. I got an amazing deal on a little Bed and Breakfast place that looks like it has everything we need. A nice in-expensive get away for us!

The reality is that we'll be in October soon, then November is already busy, December is always jam packed with Christmas and the lead up and then, we're having a baby in January!

So, when we had a spare weekend in September, I booked it!

And we go next week!

My amazing student midwife has been sending resources to us, links to watch and information to read. I just love it! And one was a link to a documentary called ';New Dads.'.

It goes through the journey of five new dads, each with very unique stories and at all different stages of Fatherhood.

We watched the video together and I just loved it.

Of course, I was balling my eyes out in parts (but I swear I could cry at anything these days!).

There's a link to it in my tips for this week if you want to watch it for yourself and your partner!

I sympathise with the partners (and right now I have every uncomfortable, ice-cream-craving pregnant women giving me the death stare!), but I do!

The documentary I spoke about above was really good in seeing other Dads speak about how they feel.

And just like with pregnant women,'it's different for all partners.

I think it's important to remember that you';re a team. Everyone's relationship is different, but this is certainly how we feel.

We're in this together, it's what's got us through the last 10 years of our relationship and certainly what's going to keep as strong in the many years to come.

My Pregnancy Week 18 – Slowing down

I need to slow down from what my life was. I would always leave things to the last minute (as still am in many cases!), but I can't afford to do that now. The stress of rushing needs to go.

Plus, I can't run anymore!

That's when my hips hurt if I do, so it's just not worth it.

I've had to re-prioritise, and top of my list has certainly been my health and wellness. Resting when I can, fueling my body with good nutritious food and exercising. Oh, and planning ahead!

Because if I don', I pretty much turn into a pregnant version of the Hulk (except I don't turn green), just really angry, frustrated and grumpy.

Let's be honest, it's not pretty.

So if it means a 15-20 minute nap and some extra snacks will help to avoid it, that's what I'll do.

It's also really important for the health of our baby.

Apparently little bub can hear now (they say this can happen from 18 weeks onwards), and I don't want bub hearing me get frustrated.

Feeling so grateful

I am literally surrounded by pregnant women and new mothers. They all understand and are so supportive and caring.

I just love it.

The question each week as I teach the different classes is 'now, how are YOU feeling?' and they genuinely want to know.

My Pregnancy Diaries Week 18

Get some resources that you think might be helpful for your partner.

If you're reading any books, highlight bits and chat them over with your partner

Be open with your communication about how you are feeling and what they can do to help.

Any built-up feelings now are not going to help you later down the track of your pregnancy OR in those early weeks and months when you're both tired and dealing with a newborn.


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