Focus on Being a Healthy Mummy - Not a Yummy Mummy!

Focus on Being a Healthy Mummy

Are you tired of hearing all the advertising telling you how to get back your bikini body within six weeks after childbirth? Forget about being a yummy mummy and focus on being a healthy mummy! Let's be real and ignore the unrealistic and unhealthy pressure being placed on new mamas.

I am all for getting fit and strong again after pregnancy, but the time-frame must be realistic and the expectations in-line with how our body has changed throughout pregnancy and during our postpartum recovery.

I Want to Share this Photo of Me During and After Pregnancy

Yep, We Get it at PregActive Because We Have Been There!

I have some mamas who stay with my Core Rehab program for months and even longer until they have completely recovered. And that's perfectly fine as we are all different in what we experience after childbirth. For me right now, I am 7 months postpartum and I am now on my own Stronger Mama 28 Day Challenge.

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So What Should You Do?

First, it is time to stop paying attention to these 'unrealistic' promotions. The fact is the majority of busy mamas cannot participate in the excessive workouts and extreme diets being pushed upon them. And besides, who would want to?

Motherhood is a complete life-changing event and the last thing on your mind is to try and look great in a bikini when your body has experienced significant changes.

It's natural and inevitable that carrying a baby for nine months and then giving birth will cause dramatic changes to your body.

Your Goal is to be a Healthy Mummy

It's About You Mama and When YOU ARE Ready!

You take all the time after childbirth you need to let your body heal and recover. Heal your diastasis recti naturally, re-strengthen your pelvic floor and core. It's about gaining trust again in how you want your body to function how it should.

My Core Rehab program is the ideal way to re-gain your body confidence before moving on to my Stronger Mama 28 Day Challenge where we start to work on losing baby weight, toning-up and becoming the strong mama we deserve to be to take on motherhood.

Become an Empowered Mother with My Core Rehab for Mamas Program

This progressive program is all about providing you with a realistic and healthy program you can complete in the comfort of your own home that allows you to recover from childbirth and regain your health and allow your body to heal.

I provide you with low impact movements, workouts and classes that are specifically designed to allow you to 'actively' recover from giving birth.

Your Recovery Postpartum Matters!

The period following birth is a critical stage that will allow your body to rest, recover and heal whilst performing gentle, low-impact exercises to gradually build your strength and muscle tone back.

A well-structured exercise program and smart healthy eating is what you should be striving for.

While you are looking after your beautiful new baby, you also have to look after yourself!

By participating in my program you will boost your confidence and self-esteem by getting back on track towards attaining a healthy weight, improving your overall health and fitness and also working towards a healthy mindset as a new mother.

Forget the Yummy Mummy Guilt Trips Forced Upon You!


You should only participate in a controlled and well-structured exercise and health program that allows you to recover inside and out. So right now, ignore the 'Yummy Mummy' guilt trip and pressure. Instead - Empower yourself by taking control of your own recovery.

This is not a time you should be worrying about your body image or putting pressure on yourself to look like you did pre-pregnancy!

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From my planning for pregnancy plan, pregnancy workouts, Core Rehab for Mamas program to my Stronger Mama Challenge; I have a program to help you be a healthy, fit and strong mama for life!

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