Diastasis Recti Surgery - Do I Need it? Your Options!

Diastasis Recti Surgery

I know from personal experience that I prepared as best I could for what I may expect during my postpartum recovery. And what I did throughout my pregnancy with regards to exercising and making the right lifestyle choices sure did help. But over the years I have heard about new mamas talking about diastasis recti surgery.

So, let's chat about your options and if you really need it.

The body changes I experienced, and likely you have to, will vary from one woman to another. Maybe your body doesn't look or fee how you want it to. Maybe it doesn't work the way you want it to.

Do you feel that some of your current strategies just aren't getting the results you need or deserve? Not having the confidence in your body to do what it needs to do can be very frustrating and doesn't do much for your body confidence.

Giving birth is an amazing experience.

And while you are enjoying your beautiful new baby and dealing with your new life of less sleep, you will likely feel depleted and lacking the power or control to change it.

Are you endlessly searching for answers on how you can re-gain your body confidence after childbirth or how you can heal your diastasi recti naturally? Have you come across the option for diastasis recti surgery?

Right now, you want your body back and to have trust in it again.

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What is diastasis recti?

Diastasis recti occurs when the two large parallel bands of muscles in the middle of the abdomen stay separated after pregnancy. The muscles will naturally separate during pregnancy as the uterus expands.

For some women the muscles become so stretched out or damaged that they never fully go back together.

As a result, this can cause a bulge between the two separated bands of the abdomen. That bulge is what's referred to as a mommy pooch.

Diastasis Recti Complications

The condition can cause significant back pain which makes it very difficult to lift heavy objects because of the lack of core strength. Occasionally, a portion of the intestines can bulge through the space between the muscles, which is called a hernia.

So is diastasis recti surgery the answer for you?

I have found that in most cases, no you don't need surgery. Yes, as always, I want you to follow your doctor's advice and recommendations.

But I know that my Core Rehab program can help you to re-establish the mind-muscle connections essential for proper healing, core restoration and strength.

Diastasis Recti Surgery is a big decision.

I want you to know that the choices you make for yourself, your body, your well-being; is not for the judgment or approval of others.

Diastasis recti surgery will be a big decision for you and one that you need to chat to your doctor about. This surgery will require many weeks of healing and will impact your life and your whole body.

If your doctor suggests this is the best option for you, then by all means follow it with careful thought and guidance if finances permit.

When Is Diastasis recti Surgery Necessary?

If you find that your condition is severe, or not improving to your satisfaction after exercise, then you may consider surgery to correct your diastasis recti.

First, you should only consider surgery if conservative treatment of therapeutic exercise and physical therapy has failed.

Is your diastasis recti causing you pain? Is your motivation for surgery purely cosmetic versus functional?

Surgery may be required when the fascial system remains unable to generate tension, despite optimal deep muscle activation. Where your trunk cannot provide stability in joint movement or loading, then a qualified health professional with expertise in specific area will be able to determine when surgery may be beneficial to restore mid-line tension.

According to the Mayo Clinic, surgery might be considered for women whose abdominal muscle weakness is interfering with their daily activities.

Will it solve my problems?

Obviously, surgery is designed to fix a problem. But what surgery won't do is teach your muscles to work right. This is where my guided postpartum workouts will help you to strengthen your core so that you can achieve the best core stability and strength you need.

Seek professional help

For the most effective treatment and prescription for you personally will require accurate assessment form a professional such as a specialist Pelvic Physical Therapist or Women's Health Physiotherapist.

Try Exercise First to Improve Abdominal Separation

Throughout my years helping new mamas, I know that the right postpartum exercises can help improve diastasis recti. It is about focusing on movements such as pelvic tilts, toe taps, heel slides and many more that I have included in my weekly workouts.

I want you to know and accept that your body after childbirth will take time to heal, and results are gradual. So, remember that as eager as you are to see results, patience is important which is why

I have dedicated at least 12 weeks to my recovery and longer if needed. Please avoid the so-called miracle workouts or remedies that will resolve your abdominal issues within a few weeks.

What Diastasis Recti Surgery Involves

Have you also heard the terms - tummy tuck or abdominoplasty being used? Well, these are also used to repair diastasis recti.

Some patients only need to have the muscle tightened, which can be done through an endoscopic-assisted modified tummy tuck. This may require removal of a small amount of skin but will not require an incision around the belly button.

What is a Full Tummy Tuck?

There are some surgeries which are more complicated. These surgeries may involve patients who have a significant amount of excess skin in addition to the diastasis. These patients may require a full tummy tuck. This involves the muscles being tightened, extra skin is removed, and the belly button is relocated to a new position within the abdominal skin.

Most women who decide to have diastasis recti surgery after childbirth have a tummy tuck procedure, not just a repair of the diastasis recti.

Pros and cons to consider

On the pro side, you can regain self-confidence. And be able to live life without worrying about what clothes fit you or make me look even more pregnant.

On the con side, there is a lot to consider including the high costs involved with surgery. There are also the health risks of major surgery. And your recovery which will impact on your life and daily activities.

Post surgery recovery

If you do choose to have the surgery, then you will need to make arrangements for a significant recovery period. Expect to have limited mobility for several weeks post-op before you start getting back to your normal routine.

Alternatives to diastasis recti surgery

Physical therapists can teach exercises to help strengthen the abdominal muscles, and show you which exercises to avoid. They can also teach you correct techniques for posture, mobility, and lifting.

You Require More than Surgery

Abdominal surgery can only do so much. What it will do is tighten the tissues, bring them back together and remove loose skin and fat. But what it wont do is strengthen your muscles, or reconnect the essential pathways you need to regain full core function.

This is where my PregActive for Mamas program will help you. My postpartum workouts are not about participating in hardcore workouts.

I will teach you how your core works and provide you with the right diastasis recti exercises so you can take back control of your body. You will build the foundations of a core and pelvic floor that work naturally, in daily movement and activity, as well as when working out.

From there, you will be able to progress to activities you enjoy doing. Activities that you did before pregnancy, but now seem impossible.

Choose what is best for you

I want you to get all the facts you need, be informed and then make the best decision for you based on medical advice. You should not feel guilty about any of it. Remember, your choices about what is best for your own body are for no one to judge.

Now is the time to make your body work how you want it to work. And have it look the way you want it to look. PregActive gives you the postpartum workouts, tools and resources you need to get there on a time schedule that suits you.

You need this lifetime access in case you need to take a break. Or you wish to return at a later date to pick-up the exercises again.

The bottom line is that there is no easy answer when it comes to repairing diastasis recti, but the first step is definitely to talk to you doctor. And then, you must participate in the best postpartum workouts to help you re-strengthen your core.

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