Core Rehab or Stronger Mama Challenge - Which is for You?

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With the exciting launch of my Stronger Mama 28 Day Challenge we now have two postpartum programs ready to help you heal, recover and get fit. So which one is best suited to your current stage of postpartum recovery?

Core Rehab or Stronger Mama Challenge?

My Core Rehab for Mamas program consists of twelve modules (12 weeks or more) to help you recover and heal after childbirth.

My Stronger Mama Challenge is the next program you can do only after you have completed my Core Rehab program and your body has fully healed.

Let's take a look at both programs.

1. Core Rehab for Mamas

Goals for the Core Rehab Program
Recover + Heal
  1. Diastasis recti (ab separation)
  2. Incontinence (peeing your pants)
  3. Back, sciatica, or neck pain
  4. Pregnancy related injures
  5. Post-baby belly
  6. Pelvic floor dysfunction
What You Get

Modules 1 - 4 (Level 1): Focus on Recovery

Modules 5 - 8 (Level 2): Focus on Strength

Modules 9 - 12 (Level 3): Focus on Tone

About this Program

Your body has gone through a lot - it's brought new life into the world. The after effects of which, may have left you a little wobbly in some bits and soft in others. I'm here to help you tone up, firm up, repair abdominal separation, stop embarrassing leakage after pregnancy, and reclaim your body confidence!

It all starts by signing-up and making a commitment to taking control of your health and wellbeing. Then, all you need to do is to follow my step-by-step program which includes workouts, education videos, podcasts, articles and bonus content. As you enter level three you will feel and see results with support as you gain strength, confidence, and look the way you want to look!

2. Stronger Mama Challenge

Goals for the Stronger Mama Challenge
  1. Lose baby weight the right way.
  2. Get rid of your belly 'pooch.'
  3. Be a fit + strong mama.
  4. Feel strong and sexy in your own body.
  5. Convenient for busy mamas.
  6. Workout anywhere, anytime.
  7. Support from our PregActive family.
Workouts You Get in Stronger Mama Challenge
  1. Full Body No Equipment
  2. Strength and Tone
  3. Booty and Upper Body Burn
  4. Core Express
  5. Cardio and Sweat
  6. Stretch and De-stress
  7. Yoga
  8. Meditation
About the Stronger Mama Challenge

The Number 1 Way to Lose Baby Weight! Get a stronger body than what you had before pregnancy. Join PregActive mamas just like you who have changed their lives for the better! It all starts by signing-up and making a commitment to the 28 day challenge and joining the PregActive family to get the support and motivation you deserve.

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