My 6 Best Pregnancy Workouts on YouTube

6 Best Pregnancy Workouts on YouTube

On my PregActive YouTube channel I share some of my best pregnancy workouts and most popular educational videos so that I can help reach as many mamas as possible. My goal is to always help as many mamas as possible to enjoy a fit, strong and healthy pregnancy.

So if you are wanting to gain access to some of these videos then head on over to my YouTube channel.

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Below I share with you some of my most popular prenatal and postpartum videos on YouTube as ranked by views and recommendations. You can gain access to these and hundreds more similar workouts and educational videos in my online guided pregnancy program.

I Am are Here to Help You!

I know for many first-time mamas that working out when pregnant can be a little confusing sometimes. Knowing what to do and what not to do. What exercises you can do in the first trimester but not in the third trimester. If I can help YOU in any way please get in touch.

Best Pregnancy Workouts and
Videos on YouTube

#1. Pilates Pregnancy Workout - Safe for You and Baby!

Prenatal Pilates classes are safe for both mother and baby as long as you have an experienced instructor teaching your class. Pilates is a recommended form of exercise by many health care specialists due to the numerous benefits when pregnant. Pilates consists of a series of movements and positions which will raise your awareness of your body's strength. Deep breathing and relaxation enhance this awareness.

Video duration: 30 minute workout video

#2. Pregnancy Yoga Workout that is Safe for All Trimesters

Yoga during pregnancy is so important to keep you and baby safe and healthy. This pregnancy yoga flow guides you through the best yoga poses safe for pregnancy. If you are wondering what are the prenatal yoga poses, then you have come to the right place.

Video duration: 30 minutes

#3. 5 BEST Exercises for Pelvic Girdle Pain

You don't have to accept pelvic girdle pain as a part of your pregnancy. But did you know that it's so common that 25% of pregnant women will suffer from some kind of PGP through their pregnancy. We call this pregnancy-related PGP. And approximately 7-10% of cases can continue with pain after childbirth.

Video duration: 6 minutes

#4. Post Pregnancy Pelvic Floor Exercises

Pelvic floor exercises are also commonly called Kegel exercises. They are exercises that you can do to make the muscles of your pelvic floor stronger. This video is just one of many PF workouts I have for you.

Video duration: 6 minutes

#5. 7 Best Exercises to Reduce Pelvic Pain during Pregnancy

Here are my 7 Best Exercises to Reduce Pelvic Pain and Back Ache in Pregnancy. Pelvic pain during pregnancy doesn't have to happen to you!

Video duration: 2 minutes

#6. Pelvic Girdle Pain - It Doesn't Have to Happen to You!

Women's Health Physiotherapist Beth Scott discusses this common ailment many pregnant women suffer from pelvic girdle pain and how you can solve it. Pelvic girdle pain can start at any stage of your pregnancy and may continue after child birth. You may be at greater risk of pelvic girdle pain if you are carrying multiples, have a history of lower back pain or have had pelvic girdle pain in a previous pregnancy.

Video duration: 6 minutes

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