Are 1st Trimester Prenatal Yoga Classes for You?

Are 1st Trimester Prenatal Yoga Classes for You?

I want to share this quick 8 minute online 1st trimester prenatal yoga workout you can do at home. I love yoga because it is a great workout, relaxing, rejuvenating and is a non impact workout that is ideal for pregnant women.

As always, chat to you your doctor or midwife to check if prenatal exercise is suitable for you. Once given the all-clear then give this yoga workout a try.

Online #PregnancyYoga classes are really popular right now as we all want to avoid the gym and stay safe. But please read this is you start a workout. The way you workout will impact on your health and also your growing baby's health.

I have been teaching yoga to all women, including pregnant women, for nearly fifteen years. For me, practicing yoga throughout my pregnancy definitely helped me during childbirth and also with my postpartum recovery.

Try my #1stTrimesterYoga 8 minute yoga video workout below.

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