Well Done Mamas! Amazing Start to Our Stronger Mama Challenge for October!

lose baby weight Oct 11, 2020

Well Done Mamas! Amazing Start to Our Stronger Mama Challenge for October!

I am so excited with the start to our October Stronger Mama Loss Challenge. It's not just for those wanting to lose weight! Its for all mamas wanting to get fit and strong and to re-gain their body confidence.

This is why I do what I do. To see so many mamas taking control of their own health and wellbeing so they can become a Strong Mama is so inspirational to everyone.

Here is Just Some of What Our
Inspirational Mamas are Saying!

Are You Ready to Join Us?

I have done a bit of core strength work prior to joining this program but now looking to budge a few kgs that have crept in during iso! Thanks Kerryn for creating such a beautiful community!


I'm excited to get into this challenge so I can focus on improving my strength and to feel healthier. Can't wait to smash out this 28 day challenge with you all!


I must admit after my c-section I really did fall off the wagon. And while I have been looking forward to getting back to the gym with Covid I have felt a bit lost. I made the decision the other day that things have to change. I'm ready to get back to taking care of myself, feeling energised and strong.


I loved Kerryn's positive encouragement. I've noticed that Covid and home-schooling have gotten the better of me so it's time to put in so effort for me! My program is printed on the fridge and ticking it off. Time to become a stronger Mama!


I am happy to be able to join this community and still have access to Kerryn and her programs now that I am in regional VIC. Thank you Kerryn!


Looking forward to the 28 day challenge to kickstart my postpartum fitness journey.


With the gyms closed still in Melbourne I'm looking forward to doing the Stronger Mama Challenge and having a set routine with my exercise. Loved the first workout today! I've missed working out with Kerryn!


I am excited to improve my fitness and get stronger with this 28-day challenge! It's so nice to be able to do this together and I'm just as excited for you to get your results as I am to get mine! Let's do it!


I have also recently done some of the core rehab program and LOVED IT (in preparation for this challenge), which I am also loving just as much! I'm not big on motivating myself to exercise but I am finding this is exactly what I need to get my body into shape and to achieve a positive mindset also. I am loving the intensity of it too, so great! I've never been a big morning person either. I felt so energetic walking around the supermarket this morning after completing my workout. Thanks so much Kerryn! And lovely to meet you all too, I hope you are enjoying it just as much as me.


Looking forward to the next month and to build some great habits with everyone.


It has been so amazing and I just love everything this program has to offer. I am so excited to get going with the stronger mama challenge. Thank you Kerryn for being such an incredible human and sharing your knowledge and positivity with us all!


I do my workout during my bub's first nap of the day. I try to have everything ready to go for as soon as I put him down as he only sleeps for 30 minutes in the morning! That way I get to maximise my 'me time'! I've just done the core express this afternoon with bub playing on the mat next to me. It's a lot more fun exercising when a little person is laughing at your moves!!


This is my first 28 day challenge and I'm so excited. I can't wait to become a stronger and fitter mum to keep up with my family. 💪🏽


Ladies! How about that first day! My legs are burning! Glad I'm doing this challenge! Clearly I need this!


I’m looking forward to this challenge to keep myself moving safely, as I feel my core and pelvic floor strength was going backwards. Before photos are taken and Just finished day 1 and 'wowee' the burn!! Can’t wait to see some progression over the next 4 weeks.


I’m excited to get started on the Stronger Mama challenge. I’m literally just about to do the first workout. I’m usually more of a team sport person, so hopefully I can get through the next 28 days 🤞 I’ve done the core rehab and now looking for something a bit more intense to build my fitness and feel a bit better in my body! Looking forward to spending the next 28 days with you all!


I have currently been doing the core rehab program, which I have found the exercises and techniques to be really valuable, as I not only wanted to concentrate on rebuilding my core but also my pelvic floor muscles. I am now super excited to start the next journey from Pregactive, which is the Stronger Mama program and step up my exercise regime 🙂 Thanks Kerryn x


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