My Pregnancy Diary Week 26

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My Pregnancy Diary Week 26

My Pregnancy Diary Week 26

Today, I want to share with you my pregnancy diary for week 26. As trimester 3 approaches, I am feeling fit ans strong but I know from here on out I will start to experience greater body changes.

At the moment I have two of my best friends that are also due early next year!

And I JUST found out that one of them, who was due three days behind of me had her due date changed to be just one day behind me.

Ah my goodness, how cool! Imagine if we had our babies on the same day!

Just so blessed with the fact I literally am surrounded by gorgeous pregnant women. Both with PregActive, and my friendship group.

We did a whole bunch of filming for the PregActive for Pregnancy program and had a bunch of our mamas come over.

My gosh it was fun! My energy was beaming!

Seeing these PregActive Mamas - to-be and my beautiful PregActive mothers with their little ones all in my house as we laughed and enjoyed each-others company before we got into the photos and filming. It was just awesome!

I'm genuinely excited as to who I will meet in the next 12 months.

I feel like I have formed so many close bonds in the last 12 months and enjoying this gradual transition of life as we've moved, built a home, and now soon to be bringing a little mini-me into the world.

Life is ever changing and forming new friendships is all a part of that. Having a child is certainly a big change in life and certainly lifestyle!

Change of pace

It's no surprise I enjoy staying in on a Saturday night. It's time I am genuinely enjoying! I'm still being social, just when I can, I schedule it for day time!

Otherwise I just hit a wall, and to be honest, I don't think my yawning half way through a sentence makes anyone else feel like I'm full of energy and ready to keep going.

But you know what, that's okay. It's so okay.

I have had so many years of partying, I certainly don't feel like I'm missing out. Back in my early twenties I used to work the 6am shift at the bakery on a Sunday.

So, I'd go out until 3am or 4am, get home by 5am, lie down for 20 minutes and then get up, get dressed and go to work.

Then of course, I'd be a zombie that afternoon, have an early night sleep, and (kills me to think this now), wake up fresh as a daisy on Monday morning ready for university!

And then of course, I'd go out Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and do it all again that week!

So yep, I'm okay with my early nights now.

Gosh, just writing that I think back to when we'd leave the house at 10pm to go out. Ha! If I'm not home and in bed by 10pm now days, it's a tiredness that lasts for days!

This bond is so special.

I just love rubbing my belly and thinking of our baby. As he moves, I just love it.

He’s moving more often now, and throughout the day rather than just in the morning or at night.

We do want more kiddies, and for the next we don't want to find out the sex.

But I'm enjoying knowing it's a little boy.

I don't know, I feel like as soon as we found out I was able to bond with him even more. It's a funny feeling of connection.

Every day I dream about what it's going to be like to have him here with us. I also remind myself to reflect and enjoy even in those really tough moments.

The ones where he's screaming his little face. Don't panic. If he';s stressed and I'm stressed, it's not going to help.

He's certainly going to be an active little boy and love the outdoors.

We both do, so I feel like he really doesn't have a choice.

My husband bought him some cute little outfits that are the football team we follow (I say 'we' because if they win the household is so much happier, so as much as I don't give two hoots about football, I'm happy to barrack for them!

And so excited for our little guy to love his footy just like his dad.

My Pregnancy Diary Week 26 Tips

1. Start to be open to new relationships forming over the coming years.

If your current friends are not going through what you’re going through at the same pace, then sometimes it can be hard.

Join some prenatal groups now so you have some connection and be open to once bub arrives to join mother's groups if you want to create some new friendships, both for you and your little bub.

2. Embrace your life and the pace of your life right now.

If you start looking back and wishing you could do what you used to, it's not going to help you. Before you know it, this phase of your life will be over and you';ll be onto the next!

3. Are you connecting with your bub?;

As I'm writing this piece my little guy is doing somersaults.

It's just so special, start connecting with them now as you'll never have this exact feeling again. Every pregnancy is different, every baby is different.

4. Pregnancy Workouts

Continue with your weekly 2nd trimester pregnancy yoga workouts and Pilates

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