Top 2 Reasons You Can't Lose Weight after Pregnancy

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Reasons You Can't Lose Weight Postpartum

Top 2 Reasons You Can't Lose Weight after Pregnancy

Are you struggling to lose weight postpartum? Do you feel bloated and hating that tummy pooch? Wondering why you can't lose weight after pregnancy?

Don't beat yourself with an overload of exercise. Don't skip meals or go on a fad diet. It could all be making everything worse for you.

There are TWO major contributing factors that are often overlooked when it comes to postpartum weight loss.

Lose Weight after Pregnancy

Here's why you can't lose weight after pregnancy.

1. Lack of sleep

2. Stress

The both play a HUGE role in your postpartum journey. And have a major affect on your hormones and recovery.

So, when you are feeling low in energy or bloated, high intensity exercise isn't going to be the answer.

You see, high intensity exercise, although great to get a sweat up, isn't going to do you wonders when it comes to rebalancing your hormones postpartum.

It also doesn't help stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is what you want to help with your postpartum recovery - trust me!

Focusing on breathing!

....rather than burpees really could be the answer for you!

Resting rather than running may just get you back into shape quicker than you realise.

We all want the quick fix. We want the answer now. We want to skip ahead to the 'good part'.

But it's not the way.

Not for you, not for me, not for anyone.

Don't be misled by the photos on celebrities socials. Photoshop and angles play a huge part.

We all have 'bad' days, so don't compare your 'bad' day to someone else's highlights reel.

Know that slowing down, breathing deep and finding the calm amongst the chaos is what's going to help you mentally AND physically in that entire first year postpartum (and plus some!).

And the more kids you have, the truer this is.

I find myself prioritising a 5 minute lie down over most things these days. If I can squeeze that in, I'm a better Mother, I'm a better wife, I'm a better person. I'm more balanced and most of all - I feel better about myself.

The days I'm shoveling food into my mouth whilst racing out the door carrying two kids and a thousand bags (why so much stuff?!), those are the days I feel my worst.

Watch my YouTube video above for more in-depth conversation all about this topic. And remember.


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