5 Minute Pelvic Floor Exercise Video

pelvic floor prenatal exercise Sep 24, 2020

Doing your pelvic floor in a range of positions can help to challenge you. As an example, try this sequence in a seated, standing and all fours position.

We work with strength, coordination and endurance here.

5 Minute Pelvic Floor Exercise Video

The way that is most taught to mamas when it comes to mastering your pelvic floor exercises is as follows:

Step 1: Sit comfortably and squeeze the muscles 10 to 15 times.

Step 2: Do not hold your breath.

Step 3: Avoid tightening your stomach, bottom or thigh muscles at the same time.

Step 4: Try holding each squeeze for a few seconds once you feel more comfortable in doing your PF exercises.

After a few months, you should start to notice results. You should keep doing the exercises, even when you notice they're starting to work.


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