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Postpartum Workouts at Home

postpartum exercise Nov 11, 2022

Postpartum Workouts Home

When it comes to your postpartum workouts at home you need to break it down into two phases. The first 12 weeks (or more) after childbirth must be dedicated to recovery and healing. Then when you are ready to lose baby...

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What is Pelvic Organ Prolapse


What is Pelvic Organ Prolapse?

A question I am often asked is "What is Pelvic Organ Prolapse?" Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is common in women and what it does is to impact on bladder control. What I want you to know is that it won't get better on its own...

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10 Biggest Pregnancy Exercise Mistakes

Pregnancy Exercise Mistakes

All too often pregnant women are feeling unsure about how to exercise safely in their pregnancy to optimise their health and keep their growing baby safe. I want to share with you the biggest pregnancy exercise mistakes I have...

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FREE Diastasis Recti Exercises 7 Day Challenge

Diastasis Recti Exercises

7 Day FREE Challenge

Postpartum and Have Abdominal Separation? Or not sure if you had diastasis recti? Then this video series "7 Days of Diastasis Recti Exercises and Education" is for you.

This FREE series is loaded with more...

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Self Check for Diastasis Recti


Self Check for Diastasis Recti

I am about to show you the simple, at-home test to see if you have diastasis recti. This self check for diastasis recti is your first step. But please always seek professional medical advice to ensure you get the best...

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Vaginal Birth after Caesarean Podcast

Vaginal Birth after Caesarean

A vaginal birth after Caesarean (VBAC) is something many women strive for, and it's so helpful to hear positive successful VBAC pregnancy stories like Sigrid's. A big thank you to Sigrid for sharing your story.

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Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Course

Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Course

Are you ready to start a career you're passionate about? And change the lives of pregnant women. Then my Prenatal AND Postnatal Exercise course is for you.

If you are familiar with PregActive and what we do, then...

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Work-Life Balance as a Mother

parenting Jul 08, 2022

Work-Life Balance as a Mother

Today, I want to chat about Work-Life Balance as a Mother. I had it again today, the comment 'I don't know how you do it'. She was referring to running my own business and being a Mother of two young boys.

And to be honest,...

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The Best 4 Prenatal Stretches before Bed

4 Prenatal Stretches Before Bed

Pregnant and tired? I want to share with you 4 prenatal stretches before bed. Girl, I get you. It was me too and the thought of doing much at all before bed made me create this short and sweet routine just before bed.


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My 6 Months Postpartum Recovery and Update

6 Months Postpartum

Just like no pregnancy is the same, there is no-one who goes through an exact postpartum journey like you do. Today, I want to share with you my 6 months postpartum recovery.

It's special in that way (and let's face it, frustrating...

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